Japanese Rice – Sushi Rice

There are many different kinds of rice out there, so for authentic Japanese food you need to get a Japanese rice. For an all around basic rice to use with sushi, look for some labeled “medium grain”. Sometimes it even says sushi rice on the package which makes it easier to spot! Sushi is becoming increasingly popular, so you should be able to find it in your grocery store.

KoshihikariSasanishiki and Akitakomachi are the most popular varieties of Japanese rice, so look for one of these words on the packaging. My favorite is koshihikari, but they’re all good!

If you can’t find it in stores, a possible alternative is Jasmine rice, but it does not have the same texture as Japanese rice! You can serve it with stir fries or rice bowls and it will be similar, but if you’re trying to make sushi, be warned: it’s not nearly as sticky, so it will not hold together the same! It also has a different aroma and flavor, so it will be a little different tasting.

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