Miso – Soybean Paste

Miso ( 味噌, みそ) is a traditional Japanese seasoning produced by fermenting rice and soybeans. We see it served most commonly as miso soup, but it has many other uses in Japanese cuisine.

Miso is a thick paste that usually comes in a tub or in a sealed bag. There are several different flavors of miso, the most common being white miso (shiromiso, しろみそ) which is used for soup. The other variations which may be harder to find is red miso (Akamiso, あかみそ) and mixed miso (Awasemiso, “あわせみそ) which has both red and white miso inside.

Miso in it’s true form might be hard to find outside an Asian market. If you do buy miso, you can buy it online and stock up, since the shelf life is about 18 months after opening. Just refrigerate after opening and you’re good!

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